Events of music concerts, outdoor festivals, club launches :are covered by Eyecap­turephotography. We start with a brief of the event from organizer at which point we provide the required photographers. This service provides a minimum of two photographers. 
All day two photographers £300 ( 8 hr day) 
Includes 100 pictures 

Eye Capture Photography photographs a wide variety of events that include music concerts, outdoor events, corporate events, club launches, fashion shows and a lot more. Our team of experienced and skilled photographers have a vast knowledge about event photography and capture the crucial moments without being obtrusive. 

We understand that you want your events to be covered in the most stylish and professional manner, so we engage the best photographers to click the pictures no matter how small or big the events are. Photographs captured by the Eye Capture Photography team are high quality and can be used for marketing, reportage or even social media. 

We cover a large range of events that include:

  • Awards and Graduation ceremonies
  • Conferences and trade shows
  • Promotional events like product launches, etc.
  • Entertainment events like music concerts, dance shows, etc.

We work closely with the event manager to understand the flow of the event so that we can capture the best shots. 

Two of our best photographers would be there all day long to cover your events and click the best pictures. Our photographers are equipped with the photography equipments, so we guarantee best quality photos of your events. The thing about working with Eye Capture Photography is that you get all this at the most competitive rates. 

We understand that events are organised to attract attention, so we make sure we click photos that help you get all the attention you need even after the event gets over.

Portfolios : We Provide a creative portfolio service for models and anyone who wants a more glamorous look to their photos. We arrange for you to meet at a studio or at your home. We will provide all the necessary props, models need only bring themselves. We can also provide a make up service and hair stylist. Home service starts at £250, studio shoot starts at £400 

Modelling is a highly competitive profession and to make sure you become successful, a professional and high quality portfolio is a must. Eye Capture Photography offers professional photography services and specialises in sophisticated portfolio photography that reveals the best in you. Our photography brings out your glamorous side, your attitude and strong personality! 

It is true that a picture tells a thousand words, but a lot depends on how the pictures are clicked! So it is ultimately what the photographers want the pictures to depict! If you are willing to pursue a career as a model, you need to hire the best photographers who can make you look glamorous and photogenic. We aspire to click timeless photos of the models, so that they can climb up the ladder of success without hitches. We help the models with their make-up, set up the environment and provide props to create the right ambience. Our services are very flexible so we can do the photo shoots at our client`s place or at any studio. We make you look beautiful and charming, so that you grab the attention of people. We help both established and aspiring models win businesses and earn a livelihood. 

Portfolio photography at Eye Capture Photography is done on a one-to-one basis, which means one of our best photographers would work with you and help you create the best portfolio. We will also help you with the body positioning and posing techniques, to bring out your unique style and get the best clicks. Get in touch to know more about the packages.

Location shoots : will depend on the brief given by the client which is sent by email or sit down meeting arranged at clients pleasure to discuss requirements of the photography. 
Location shoots start at £1200 

Our team of photographers at Eye Capture Photography are experienced and well equipped to undertake a wide variety of photography projects. Location photography is one of our specialisations and we have helped a number of brands as well as individuals accomplish photo shoots at a location of their choice. 

The first impressions matter a lot for businesses as well as individuals. Eye Capture Photography presents you or your brand in the best possible way, to help you make a strong first impression that lasts longer. Our team of experts will help you with location planning, the photo shoot as well as take care of all the other aspects that are important to make the location photography successful. We take care of the props, models and the styling (of models, products and individuals) to ensure the best outcomes. 

Location photography is different from indoor shoots since there are many aspects to be considered and only highly skilled photographers can handle such intricacies. At Eye Capture Photography, we have employed the best photographers who can click perfect photos even under the toughest conditions. So if you are looking forward to a location shoot, consider hiring our services. We use the latest and most advanced photography equipments to ensure there are no distortions and the end result is a high quality and flawless photograph! 

With years of experience we guarantee to take the best pictures of your products, models and people. So when it comes to location photography, Eye Capture Photography should be your first choice!


Basic service : One photographer covering the arrival of bride and groom party and the entire ceremony. Separate shoot behind venue of the wedding. First 2hrs of the reception ( speeches etc. ) Eyecapture will provide 50 photos ( printed at A4 or smaller. No album is provided). We will also provide a disk of the photos for family and friends at a small cost. All photos can be seen via web-page and Password. Basic wedding photography cost from £300 

Wedding photography is about creating memories for a lifetime! Eye Capture Photography specialises in wedding photography and our team has covered several wedding events successfully. We shoot photos that remind you of the big day years later and create a story that you and the next generations treasure. 

We work in the most unobtrusive manner and make sure each special moment is being capture in the most natural and stylish way. As wedding photographers, we capture the real emotions, expressions and experiences of the bride, groom and their loved ones. So when it comes to your wedding photography, Eye Capture Photography should be your first choice. 

We offer a wide range of wedding photography packages and the basic packages covers the arrival of the bride, groom and the other aspects of the wedding ceremony. One of our best photographers shoots moments behind the wedding venue and provides 50 magnificent photographs of the wedding event. We provide both printed copies and a disk of photographs (for a small cost) that you can share with your friends and family. However, no wedding album is provided in the basic package. The basic wedding photography package from Eye Capture Photography is perfect for people who are looking for high quality wedding photography at affordable prices. 

Your search for the best wedding photographers end here! So think no more. Make your bookings today and make the best wedding memories with us! Give us a call today to know more in details about our basic wedding photography package!

Standard Service : Two photographers covering the arrival of bride and groom party and the entire ceremony. Separate shoot behind venue of the wedding. First 4hrs of the reception ( speeches cutting cake, first dance etc. ) Eyecapture will provide 75 photos ( printed at A4 or smaller. Album is provided). We will also provide a disk of the photos for family and friends at a small cost. All photos can be seen via web-page and Password. Standard wedding photography cost from £500 

We are wedding photography specialists and we serve to clients across many areas in the UK. We have a team of proficient wedding photographers who blend creativity with technicality to come up with the best possible images. Our photographers are passionate about what they do and put in their best to create the most intriguing photographs. We use the latest and the most advanced photography equipment to make sure the photographs are high quality. We also use the best quality printing techniques to ensure the photos retain their original form for many years. 

Our standard wedding photography package is for those who have a lavish wedding and want the event to be covered in details. Right from the arrival of the bride and groom, to the cake cutting, the speeches and the first dance, we cover all the important events. We engage two of our best photographers to cover your wedding event, to make sure nothing is amiss. In our standard package, we provide 75 printed photographs and a beautiful wedding album along with a disk of the photographs (for a small cost) to share with friends and family. The photos will also be available online from our website. Just login and have access to all the photographs. 

We offer bespoke wedding photography services to meet the specific requirements of our clients and suit their budgets. So no matter what your wedding photography requirement is, give us a call and we will be there to help you. At Eye Capture Photography, we guarantee the best photography services at the most competitive prices.

Premium Service : Three photographers covering Bride and groom before the ceremony , the arrival of bride and groom party and the entire ceremony. Separate shoot behind venue of the wedding. The reception ( speeches cutting cake, first dance etc. ) Eyecapture will provide 75 photos ( printed at A4 or smaller. Album is provided). We will also provide a disk of the photos for family and friends at a small cost. All photos can be seen via web-page and Password. Premium wedding photography cost from £750 

Planning for an extravagant wedding event? Our team of photographers will make it even more special! We take pride in our ability to shoot the most stylish and eye-catching wedding photos that create memories for a lifetime! We cover every aspect of the wedding ceremony, so that you can re-live and cherish every moment years after. We also capture the pre-wedding events! 

Our premium wedding photography package offers full-day coverage, from start to finish. Right from the bride getting ready to the wedding breakfast, the cake cutting, the first dance and the final goodbye! We cover everything in details. We handpick 75 stunning photographs and provide them to our clients along with a beautiful wedding album. A disk is also provided with all the photographs (for a small cost). You also have access to the photos online via our website. 

We have years of experience in covering wedding events in all shapes and sizes! Every wedding is unique and has a special story to tell and we make sure we capture photos that portray this special story. No matter which package you choose, we will put in full dedication to make sure day special. We have the best photographers in town, so you can be sure that you will get the best photos ever! 

Planning your wedding? Make your bookings with Eye Capture Photography today! We capture your wedding as if it was our own, so give us a call today!