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Looking forward to organise a fashion show? Want to hire the best fashion photographers? You have arrived at the right place. Eye Capture Photography is a leading fashion photography team that includes professional make-up artists, hair-stylists and fashion stylists. We have worked for several fashion publications, art directors and fashion designers and have created exceptional, inspiring imagery that has helped many brands come back to life!

Our team of photographers make use of the latest techniques and technologies to create high impact photographs. From underwater fashion shoots to remote location fashion shoots, we can take up photography projects of any kind and accomplish it without hitches. We work as a team and this gives us the capability to cover high profile fashion shows and advertising campaigns. 

At Eye Capture Photography, we understand how important images are for our clients, so we give in our best to make your ventures successful! Whether you are an online retailer, work for a fashion house or an art director, you need to have a strong photography team to stay ahead of the curve. Along with photography, we also provide photo editing services to provide high quality, edgy and flawless images. we offer flexible fashion photography services, so we can shoot at your place or at our studio to create the images that you desire. 

Check out our packages and book the one that suits your requirements and budget! We guarantee 100% satisfaction! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to know more!




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Eyecapture Photography provides a great service, our wedding and portfolio services use experienced and professional photographers.
We have 10 years experience in taking professional photos from Beauty pageants to Christenings

Traditional Wedding
Within this style we capture the group family shots in the posed arranged fashion. The signing of the book and all pictures taken will capture the standard ceremony formal shots of the bride and groom with the respective family members against the background of the church 

Your wedding day is special and the photographs should be special as well! At Eye Capture Photography, we dedicate ourselves to capture every moment of your wedding day beautifully and professionally. As a leading wedding photography service provider, we strive to enhance every moment by capturing the best shots. 

We offer many wedding photography packages to fit individual budgets and requirements. Whether you want the wedding event to be captured in details or just click the special moments, we will tailor our packages accordingly. We don`t believe in doing what others have already done, we try to come up with new perspectives that help us produce masterpieces. Our photographers use their creativity and artistic flair to create the most stylish and eye catching photographs that get cherished by everyone! We also use high quality equipment and advanced technologies to ensure the images are flawless! 

Our team of photographers will be there with you right from your engagement day to the final wedding day and click every moment that will bring a smile on your face years later! 

Since we are a bunch of busy photographers, we recommend you to make the bookings in advance, so that you can get the best shots! We guarantee the best rates and the highest quality photographs which will remain the same for years to come. So what are you waiting for? If you have already started planning your big day, give us a call today to ensure you create memories for a lifetime! 

Come create the most beautiful memories with us!

Reportage Wedding
Within this style of wedding a journal-istic approach is taken. None intrusive. Allowing the bride and groom to be expressive. The wedding photos will look less formal and more spontaneous. Which generally bring a smile when seen after as the photographer will capture unexpected moments 

Eye Capture Photography is a leading wedding photography service provider based in Milton Keynes that is well known for its flair in reportage wedding photography. We believe in capturing series of photographs that tell the entire story about your wedding! 

As reportage wedding photographers, we document special moments that portray the inner emotions of the bride, groom and their loved ones. Each wedding is unique and there are moments that tell the unique story about your wedding day. We stay connected with our clients every moment on their wedding day, so that we can capture the real emotions, expressions and the unique experiences. We also add special touches to the photographs that enhance the emotions to make the memories even more special. 

Reportage wedding photography is a style that not everyone is able to execute professionally. We have the best photographers who have years of experience and expertise in wedding photography and exactly know what it takes to tell a story through a series of photographs! 

We love photography and put 100% dedication in the projects we take up, no matter how big or small they are! We have served hundreds of clients in UK and we are proud to have numerous happy clients! Photography is not everyone`s cup of need to know the art and science of photography to breathe life into the photographs. At Eye Capture Photography, we eat, drink and sleep photography, so we guarantee to click the best shots! 

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Fashions Finest SS19 Kensington London

Fashions Finest SS19 Kensington London

Fashions Finest SS19 Kensington London

Fashions Finest SS19 Kensington London

Fashion Shoot

Fashion Shoot

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Safari Jewellery

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